CPS Kindergarten opened in 1987 in a former Charterhouse Public School building which was skilfully transformed to provide a light, airy and colourful environment for young children set in lovely grounds and gardens. In 2017, the Kindergarten section was refurbished, with modern furniture and resource books imported from United Kingdom and Australia.

We want every child to look forward to coming to school and to regard it as a safe, happy and exciting place to be. The six ‘Golden Rules’ that underpin school life are understood and respected by the children who all do their utmost to keep them.

Our in-house clinic facility is next to the Kindergarten and a qualified medical person is available to attend any medical emergencies or queries that arise during the day. The pupils are closely supervised at all times and a friendly, tolerant and mutually supportive atmosphere promoted.

Our Kindergarten section is comprised of Toddlers, Kindergarten, KG – 1, and KG – 2. The main point of entry to the school is into the Kindergarten at the age of 1.5+ and children are expected to have already turned 1.5+ by the 1st March and October of the year of entry. Very occasionally there may be places vacant in other year groups.

Parents should return the completed application form to the school in the time slot listed in our admissions procedures. It is not possible for us to accept all applications since there are practical limits to the number of children whom we can properly meet and assess. Details of the assessment arrangements are provided when children are invited for an assessment visit.

For a prospectus or to register a visit of the Kindergarten Section, please contact the Office Manager with any queries.

Charterhouse Public School

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