Curriculum for Secondary

Curriculum for Secondary

The academic curriculum at Charterhouse Public School forms the very core of what the school is about. Of course, we place great value on our co-curricular activities and we are very proud of our pastoral care, but our chief aim is to encourage each pupil to maximise his or her personal and academic potential at every level. The subjects taught in the Senior Section are:

• English
• Mathematics
• Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
• Languages
• Humanities (includes History, Geography and Religious Education)
• Information Technology and Computing
• Art
• Sport and Exercise, and team games
• Personal, Social and Health Education

It is important in an increasingly competitive world to prepare our pupils for colleges and universities and to ensure that they are well qualified when they leave us, and therefore examination results are important. Yet we also want to foster in our pupils an enthusiasm for learning for its own sake and to encourage them in relevant ways at each stage of their school career to use their formal learning in the classroom as a springboard for pursuing their own academic and cultural interests in their own time. We are, however, not solely interested in knowledge, and we endeavour to teach in a way that stimulates independent and logical thinking in all of our pupils; we want them to be confident in facing the challenge of new concepts and ideas.

To complement the syllabuses taught for public examinations, we also have our own Knowledge Curriculum, which aims to fill many gaps in a pupil’s knowledge, which are inevitable, given the constraints of many syllabuses. This is currently being revamped but through it we will endeavour to provide a cultural framework and a stimulus for pupils to explore the richness of the cultural life of the city in which they live.

Charterhouse Public School boasts a rich collection of co-curricular offerings. Whether a pupil is interested in English or Urdu debate or chairing an UN delegation roleplay, performing in a Science exhibition, playing a sport or joining, there is something for everyone. View the Secondary Calendar here.

Education is a shared venture, and we wish to establish a close partnership with parents. Day-to-day contact between home and school is through the Coordinator, Academic Incharge and Disciplinarian Incharge. Academic progress is monitored by regular learning reviews. Coordinator and Academic Incharge will analyse feedback from teachers with pupils, offering encouragement and, where necessary, strategies for improvement. Full reports are sent to parents at regular intervals as a formal record of their child's progress. In addition, each year, we host an Orientation Day for parents at which all the teaching staff are present to discuss academic matters. The School and the Disciplinarian Incharge also organise a series of pastoral presentations and discussions each year, covering such areas as internet safety, mental health and well-being, dealing with exam stress and managing screen time and social media.