What we stand for

What we stand for

We understand and articulate our purpose differently from other schools of our type.

Of course, we work with utmost commitment to provide our youngsters with a fully rounded education that enables them to get excellent exam results that fulfil their potential and open the right doors for the future. And of course, we provide the care, time and challenge that helps them to groom into the confident and articulate young people we are proud to send out into the world.

But we do not see these things as ends in themselves; rather, they are facets of our wider purpose: to prepare, enable and equip our students for a life in which they will truly flourish and in doing so will find genuine purposes and happiness.

This, we believe, they will most likely achieve through choosing to pursue work that exploits the unique combination of strengths they possess and the academic and personal passions they develop, by the quality of the relationships they are able to enjoy and, at its highest level, by deploying these things for the benefit -and in the service of- others.

To sum up, the purpose of Charterhouse Public School in its purest and briefest form to produce young people who will change the world.

Our vision then, is simple: from Kindergarten to Secondary, we wish to continue to develop a rich and all-embracing educational experience that enables our young people to obtain the knowledge, confidence, self-awareness, skills and understanding that will equip them to make a difference to the world and, in doing so, truly and uniquely flourish.

Our Values
At Charterhouse Public School, we take pride in the quality of relationships between all those within our community. We expect and encourage the following values and behaviours from all who learn and work here.

• Caring and respectful, embracing differences and sensitive to the needs of all
• Straightforward, demonstrating integrity in all that we do
• Wholehearted, showing commitment in all areas of school life
• Ambitious, aspiring to be the best that we can do
• Adventurous, seizing opportunities and becoming resilient through challenge
• Supportive, celebrating talent and creativity to build character and confidence